Supporting the Wisconsin Council of Churches

The Wisconsin Council of Churches offers a unique opportunity for church bodies and ministry organizations in the state to collaborate and seek solutions to issues like hunger, poverty, racial disparities, immigration, interfaith relations, and environmental stewardship. Developing educational resources and gathering those who care deeply about the needs of others are two examples of the important work of the Wisconsin Council of Churches.

WCC values your support and what we can do together. Your support allows the Council to focus on solutions and offer faith-based resources to help leaders, churches and community based groups develop informed responses that can change these realities in our state. As a supporter of Wisconsin Council of Churches you can make a difference to those whose lives have been touched by the witness and work of the Wisconsin Council of Churches. The resources and programs we offer are possible only through your support. Your financial support is needed to help us continue this critically important work.

SUPPORT FOR TODAY: The most basic way to do so is a gift of cash – either by check or by donation on our web site using the “Donate” button on the right. Another option for current support is by monthly electronic giving. A monthly automatic contribution is easy; download the authorization form and mail it to Wisconsin Council of Churches, 750 Windsor St., Ste. 301, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

SUPPORT WHILE YOU SHOP: When you use this link to purchase from Amazon, a portion of your purchase will support the Wisconsin Council of Churches.

ARE YOU A MEMBER OF THRIVENT FINANCIAL? Do you have Thrivent Choice Dollars®? The Wisconsin Council of Churches has been approved to accept funding from Thrivent. If you have Choice Dollars available to direct, please consider directing to Wisconsin Council of Churches. Thrivent Choice grant funding will be used to advocate toward alleviating poverty in this state.
Learn more about directing Choice Dollars

INVESTING IN THE COMMUNITY: The Council offers a unique opportunity to local church members, congregations and its member denominations to place dollars in the Community Investment Program Fund. The Fund then invests in selected community development financial institutions (CDFI’s) throughout Wisconsin. The CDFI’s help distressed communities, low and moderate income people and minority populations to develop housing, employment and business opportunities.
Read more about the Community Investment Program

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