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The Wisconsin Council of Churches (WCC) is a community of Christian denominations that covenant to engage in a common ministry focused on church unity, peacemaking, social and economic justice for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable residents, and revitalizing congregations.

The overarching mission of the WCC is “to pray and work together for the unity and renewal of the church and the healing and reconciliation of the world.”

Tracing its roots back to the early 1940’s with an inter-denominational recreational ministry for young people, the Council was incorporated in 1947 and now encompasses 19 denominations with approximately 2,000 congregations and over one million church members. The Council’s network of individuals and congregations reaches every corner of the state. We are celebrating almost 70 years of ministry in Wisconsin as we form leaders for faithful service to Christ, empower Christians to public witness and equip the missional church to discern how God is at work in our world, and to discover new ways to participate with God in fulfilling God’s mission.

Although it is a fully independent organization accountable only to its member churches, the WCC communicates regularly and collaborates with local ecumenical groups in Wisconsin, other state Councils of Churches, the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.

The members of the Wisconsin Council of Churches are the 37 Wisconsin judicatory units of 18 denominations. For additional information about member denominations see our judicatory Members page which lists members, associate members and observer judicatories. For more information on WCC governance see the WCC Governance page.

Council publications include E-News (a newsletter published periodically online), various program guides and policy statements (see the Resources page).

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