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Statewide Youth Summit on Faith and Gun Violence, Winter Forum (Austin Channing Brown in Madison), Awaken the Advocate Within (with Breon Wells), People of Faith United for Justice Advocacy Day, or the 2019 Washington Island Forum (with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove),

visit the Events tab for details.  Online registration is available with credit/debit card or Paypal. If you need paper registration or to pay with cash/check, contact our offices directly.

Who are We?

The Wisconsin Council of Churches (WCC) is a community of Christian denominations that covenant to engage in a common ministry focused on church unity, peacemaking, social and economic justice for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable residents, and revitalizing congregations.

The Council encompasses 19 denominations with approximately 2,000 congregations and over one million church members. Join with us as we pray and work together for the unity and renewal of the church and the healing and reconciliation of the world.

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What would happen if…? (Sept 2018)

One of my favorite headlines from “America’s Finest [satirical] News Source,” The Onion, is “How Bad for the Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be? 30 Million People Wonder.“ There is sardonic – even prophetic — wisdom in calling … Continue reading

GatherX: A New Community for Young Professionals in Madison (Aug 2018)

Madison’s Isthmus population is young. A recent study of downtown Madison put 86% of the population between the ages of 15-34. Many of the Isthmus residents are students at UW-Madison. However, the faster growing part of this population are young … Continue reading

Immigration and the Family Separation Crisis (Jun 2018)

In keeping with its commitment to end institutional racism, the Wisconsin Council of Churches calls your attention to the crisis of family separation at the United States border, the escalation of attacks on immigrants, and a sinful system which “put[s] … Continue reading

On the road for a very ecumenical weekend… (May 2018)

Reflections from Executive Director, Rev. Kerri Parker. Spring is judicatory meeting season. You’ll find Wisconsin Council of Churches staff preparing displays and criss-crossing the state to visit Annual Conferences, Synod assemblies, and Presbyteries. With a number of these gatherings scheduled … Continue reading

Unite to End Racism (Apr 2018)

The Wisconsin Council of Churches took 130 people on a cross-country road trip to the ACT Now: Unite to End Racism Rally and Day of Action in Washington DC sponsored by the National Council of Churches, its ecumenical and interfaith … Continue reading

WI Coalition for Gun Safety Press Conference – Prepared Remarks (Mar 2018)

March 19, 2018 Good morning. I’m Reverend Kerri Parker, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Council of Churches, a network representing nearly one million Christians around the state. I’m also a mom of a high school student. I’m here because I … Continue reading

A Lenten Call to Action on Gun Violence (Feb 2018)

Beloveds, I have written more sermons about gun violence than I ever imagined I would have to preach. We could recite a litany of places around this nation which have been made known to us because a human being chose … Continue reading

WCC Joins others in addressing proposed public benefits legislation (Jan 2018)

Governor Walker has called for the Wisconsin Legislature to pass a set of ten bills making changes in programs such as FoodShare, subsidized housing, Medicaid, childcare support, and the Earned Income Tax Credit. Peter Bakken, WCC’s Public Policy Coordinator, joined … Continue reading

Repeal of the “Johnson Amendment” (Nov 2017)

Churches and other religious organizations have the freedom to discuss public issues and to speak for or against legislation, but not to endorse candidates or contribute to election campaigns. However, there has been a movement afoot to repealing the “Johnson … Continue reading

On Behalf of Our Children: Wisconsin’s Racial Disparities and the Call of the Gospel

While the Gospel seems clear on the evil of racism, the church has not always lived up to the Gospel’s call. Four video presentations (called “scripts”) which provide historical, biblical, and theological discussions of the church and racism are now … Continue reading