Christian Public Witness Ministry

Justice in the biblical sense is achieved when all persons have what they need to develop and thrive, share in the goods of creation, and give back to the community. Christians at their best look to their common values and similarities in religious experience that provide foundations for mutual understanding, respect and collaboration, bringing diverse people together to solve social challenges and crises.

Representing the collective voice of member denominations, the Wisconsin Council of Churches takes seriously its role in bringing Christian witness to biblical justice to the public square. Recently, the Council:

    • worked with eight other faith-based groups to bring over 800 persons to the State Capitol to learn meet with their legislators about values of compassion and community well-being in the State Budget;
    • joined other faith-based groups in opposing requiring drug screening and testing of applicants for pubic benefits programs;
    • developed and distributed study-action guides for congregations on affordable housing, hunger, health care, and immigration;
    • successfully advocated for legislation to provide Treatment Instead of Prison (TIP) for non-violent drug offenders, in participation with WISDOM, the church-based community movement in southeast Wisconsin;
    • opposed legislative efforts to reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin.
  • held a statewide Legislative Briefing at the State Capitol advocating for an increase in state support for the School Breakfast Program. Wisconsin ranks 35th among the 50 states in the percentage of low income children who participate in this critical anti-hunger program.

Advocacy Days at the Capitol

A biennial interfaith advocacy day at the capitol, “People of Faith United for Justice,” is sponsored by the Wisconsin Council of Churches together with other state religious organizations.  Visit our Advocacy Day at the Capitol web page for information on past and upcoming Advocacy Day events.

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