WCC Governance

Annual Meeting

Member judicatories send clergy and lay representatives to this meeting in December, which is held at a church in Wisconsin Dells.  Regional denominational leaders are also present at this gathering. The Annual Meeting is a blend of educational experiences focused on issues of concern to Wisconsin’s religious community, as well as carrying out some governance responsibilities, including the election of leaders, adoption of a budget, and welcoming new denominational members into the Council’s life.


  • President: Rev. Rob MacDougall, Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ
  • Vice President: Rev. Staci Marrese-Wheeler, Wisconsin District, Moravian Church
  • Secretary: Position Vacant
  • Treasurer: Dave Groenewold, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors meets three times a year.  It is composed of 12-15 members elected by the annual meeting.  The Board has specific governance responsibilities, including fiduciary oversight, program review, and visioning.

Program Commissions

Unity and Relationships Commission

The Commission keeps abreast of the most important national and international dialogues and interdenominational agreements leading to greater unity within the Church and supports their implementation at the local level. These include the Roman Catholic/Lutheran Joint Declaration on Justification, the Call to Common Mission proposal of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Episcopal Church, the Formula of Agreement between the ELCA and the three Reformed Churches. Working with the member judicatories, the Committee encourages discussion and implementation of denominational bi lateral, multi lateral and full communion agreements.

Believing that prayer is the soul of the ecumenical movement, the Committee also encourages ecumenical worship and prayer. Each year it promotes observances of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (January 18-25) in the churches or Wisconsin and distributes resources for use in these observances.

In addition to its work promoting unity and renewal in the Church, the Committee participates in and encourages dialogue with other religions. For more information, contact Rev. Kerri Parker.

Stewardship of Public Life Commission

The Wisconsin Council of Churches engages in conversation with policy makers and governmental agencies with the purpose of furthering the Common Good of the human community. Most of these conversations are on the state level, but from time to time the Council works in partnership with local, national or international groups to address issues on these levels. Inspired by the message of the biblical prophets and by Jesus, the Council’s special concern in its public policy work is the well being of the least powerful and most vulnerable members of society, whose interests are often overlooked by leaders in government, business and even the church. The Council cooperates with other faith-based public policy organizations in this work, especially the Wisconsin Catholic Conference, the Wisconsin Jewish Conference, the Lutheran Public Policy Office on Wisconsin and local ecumenical and interfaith groups such as the Greater Milwaukee Interfaith Conference.

The Stewardship of Public Life Committee takes positions on specific pieces of legislation on behalf of the Council, guided by the Public Policy Priorities adopted annually by the Board of Directors. For more information contact Peter Bakken.

Peace and Justice Commission

The Peace and Justice Commission consists of twelve representatives of member judicatories who work with WCC staff to promote peace and justice initiatives in Wisconsin, including the production and distribution of resource materials, building a network of Peace and Justice advocates throughout the state, engaging in dialogue with ecumenical partners on topics like racism, militarism, etc. The mission of the Peace and Justice Committee is to assist faith communities in Wisconsin in their ministry to the world of discovering, teaching and living out the vision of nonviolent love, as taught and lived by Jesus. This committee of the Council has had a programmatic focus by sponsoring workshops and conferences, and helping to promote judicatory-based and appropriate secular peace and justice work to the Council’s statewide constituency. For more information contact Rev. Kerri Parker.

Administrative Committees

Finance & Fund Development Committee

The Finance & Fund Development Committee meets three times a year to oversee finances, Community Investment Program, and develops a budget for the coming year to present at the annual meeting for ratification.  The Committee also works with the Executive Director in shaping and implementing an annual fund development strategy.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee  meets three times a year.  It approves job descriptions, conducts annual review of the Executive Director and meets with all staff individually on an annual basis.  The Committee also participates in hiring processes and recommends salary and COLA adjustments to the Finance Committee.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee meets in the fall to nominate officers and others to fill vacant positions on WCC Committees and Commissions.

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