Update from the Interim Director: Looking Back While Looking Forward….

As I reflect on the last six months, it has, and continues to be an exciting and anticipatory time at the Wisconsin Council of Churches.

As I began my time as the interim director, I spent time looking back to familiarize myself with the organization’s history, purpose and mission as well as its strategic priorities to determine the work to be done during this transitional time. I also engaged with people I met at events, in meetings and while conducting council business, and asked them to share three words they felt described the Council and its work. This word cloud represents some of those comments:These words reflect and confirm both past accomplishments and future opportunities for the Wisconsin Council of Churches.

We are an organization whose purpose is:

“To give expression to the unity of the Church and to be a vehicle through which judicatories engage in common witness and mission, including, but not limited to, work with ecumenical and interfaith agencies, fellowship and joint prayer services and addressing the religious, civic and social needs of the people of Wisconsin on a Christian basis.” (WCC Articles of Incorporation 1.1)

By engaging, equipping and empowering our members, the Council is uniquely positioned to impact churches and communities throughout the state, living out its mission:

“To pray and work together for the unity and renewal of the church and the healing and reconciliation of the world.”

Looking forward, in the next few months we will formally welcome Rev. Kerri Parker as the new executive director as well as observe the 70th anniversary of the Council. Watch for more information on ways we will celebrate both events – coming soon.

Looking back, we can celebrate the past and our accomplishments, but it is more important to look to the future, anticipating God’s promise and blessings as we work together with the church to change lives and communities in unique and significant ways. Thank you for your continued trust and support!!!

Continued blessings!!
Laurie Wilkinson,
Interim Executive Director


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