A prayer for the United Methodist Church, upon the occasion of the Special General Conference

We pray for the United Methodist Church,
for the people, and the churches,
For those with the responsibility
of speaking, deliberation, and presiding;
and for those who will bear witness.

We seek the presence of Your Holy Spirit,
O God, asking for a spirit of holy listening
to settle over the Special General Conference –
and indeed all places where United Methodists
and their kin are engaged in the work of discernment.

We pray for your fractured Church, O Christ,
divided and diverse, holy and broken at once.
Help us seek your truth and your will in all things.
Grant us whole-heartedness in meeting, prayer and fellowship.
Help us go about our business according to the way of your love.

Hold your Church in the palm of a generous hand.
We do not know how to be, without you.
Unite us as one with you and each other.
Teacher, Healer, Reconciler, Savior:
lead your people, we pray. Amen.

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