Mandatory Reporting for Clergy


What the Wisconsin Law Means for Clergy & Congregations


On April 9, 2004, Governor Jim Doyle signed Senate Bill 207 which impacts the ministry of every clergyperson and congregation in the State of Wisconsin. The legislation aims at protecting God’s most precious creation: the children of Wisconsin. The bill requires clergy to report suspected cases of child sexual abuse, extends the statute of limitations for filing criminal and civil charges of alleged child sexual abuse, and clarifies the conditions under which religious organizations can be sued for actions of offending clergy.

Resource Materials

The Wisconsin Council of Churches has developed an advisory booklet as an introduction to the law and the responsibilities of mandatory reporting: Mandatory Reporting by Clergy: What the New Wisconsin Law Means to You and Your Congregation

View or print a copy of this document. (236kb PDF file)

View or print a PDF of the legislation (2003 Wisconsin Act 279) or the Wisconsin Legislative Council Memo for Act 279 (a brief description of the Act).

Call your judicatory office for specific information related to your denomination-specific policies and training opportunities.

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