FoodShare Outreach to Seniors

Do you minister to seniors as a pastor, volunteer, or member of a senior group at your church or in your community?

Thousands of seniors are making tough choices in these difficult economic times. Choices like, “Do I buy my medication or groceries?” FoodShare and the QUEST Card could give them at least $192 each year for groceries. 

Wisconsin Council of Churches is partnering with Feeding Wisconsin to ensure eligible seniors know they can claim FoodShare benefits to lower their grocery bill.  A person who is at least 60 years qualifies if they fall into the income guidelines below, even if they have a house, car or savings account.

ELIGIBILITY: You may qualify if your household’s gross monthly income is less than…
One-person household $1,962
Two-person household $2,656
Three-person household $3,350

For a senior who falls within these income guidelines, it’s worth a few minutes to call Feeding Wisconsin’s toll-free FoodShare Helpline at 1-877-366-3635 to learn if they might be eligible and how to apply for benefits. The call is confidential — callers don’t even need to give their name.

An estimated 2/3 of eligible seniors are not claiming their benefits!

Please tell seniors in your church and community about FoodShare!

Spread the word in your congregation with these resources:

Download a worship bulletin insert in PDF Format or in Word Format

Download articles (in Word format) for your church newsletter:

Download and copy a half-sheet flyer in English or Spanish with FoodShare information for seniors:

  • Set them out at your church, senior center, food pantry, or other location where seniors may see them;
  • Give them to seniors that you visit, deliver meals to, or meet in other ways;
  • Share them with other persons you know who have contacts with seniors.

Download a poster with tear-off tabs (cut to separate tabs) in English or Spanish and post on bulletin boards:

  • at your church,
  • senior center,
  • food pantry or meal site,
  • grocery stores,
  • or other places in your community.

Here are some additional resources to help explain the benefits of FoodShare and encourage seniors to apply.

  • Service Provider Flyer
    – A tool for food pantries, meal sites, and other service providers to educate about the FoodShare benefit
  • Senior FoodShare Talking Points
     – When you talk to seniors about the FoodShare benefit, you may encounter some resistance.  Here are a few common objections and responses to them.
  • Background on FoodShare Wisconsin

    – A brief overview of the program (also known as SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assisance Program, formerly “food stamps”) and links to further information.

You can also order copies of these materials by calling 608-478-2882 or sending an email to

If you plan to share the information offered here with seniors in your church and community, please let us know by email to We might contact you to hear about your outreach successes and challenges, but there is no other expectation or obligation. Thank you!

FoodShare Wisconsin was created to improve nutrition and health.  It can be used to purchase foods such as fruit, vegetables, and meat. Benefits are distributed on a debit-like card, the QUEST Card, a secure and confidential way to purchase food from grocery stores and many farmers’ markets.

Feeding Wisconsin and its member food banks help people apply for FoodShare at a variety of convenient locations, such as libraries, and also ensures that applicants know about other community resources. There is no charge for the service.

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