Empowering the Missional Church

What is a “Missional Church”?

A brief video introduction to the missional church conversation.

Six Characteristics of a Missional Church

1. The missional church treats its own context as a fluid, constantly changing mission field.
2. The missional church is both active in and supportive of mission;
3. The missional church recognizes its mission includes both the “Great Commission” (making new disciples) and the “Great Commandment” (loving God and loving others as oneself)
4. The missional church recognizes all people as both the “subject” and “object” of God’s mission.
5. The missional church is engaged in transformation of persons, churches, systems and culture;
6. The missional church multiplies faith communities.

For summary description of these six characteristics, download this article by Rev. Dr. Ron Carlson of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies.

Moving Back into the Neighborhood

Many aging congregations have lost touch with their surrounding neighborhoods. Moving Back into the Neighborhood, produced by Alan Roxburgh, one of the leading thinkers in the missional church conversation, is a workbook for congregational leaders who want to take some initial, exploratory steps into their neighborhoods in order to discern what God is up to and to join the Holy Spirit in making all things new.

The Wisconsin Council of Churches has purchased a license to make this available to Wisconsin congregations and leaders at no cost.

To download the workbook, click here (large PDF file).


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