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The United States is a nation of immigrants, continually reshaped by new groups of people bringing diverse cultures, perspectives, and resources. Yet, in Wisconsin, as in the nation as a whole, immigration has become one of the most emotionally charged and polarizing social and political issues.

Immigration is also a core issue for faith communities.  The biblical story continually shows God’s concern for the migrant and the outcast. The early Hebrews were “strangers in the land of Egypt” and were asked to remember this heritage by protecting the strangers among them in the Promised Land. Throughout the New Testament, Christians are called to care for the outcast and the stranger. Christians have been in the forefront of those calling for hospitality, solidarity, and justice for the more recently-arrived members of their communities.  They have worked to replace prejudice and hostility with understanding and reconciliation.

The Wisconsin Council of Churches is engaged in a collaborative effort to address this issue, focused on education, advocacy, and building understanding between older and newer immigrant communities.

On the Misuse of Scripture to Justify Injustice
A Statement by the Wisconsin Council of Churches, June 2018

For updates on policy developments at the federal level,  see:

Becoming Welcoming Communities Study Guide

A Becoming Welcoming Communities Study Guide for congregational leaders is now available for downloading, along with pertinent handouts for each study session.

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Correction to p. 5: The second Bible passage should be Genesis 12:10-20

Update to p. 11: See revised handouts and instructions below for Session 3: Immigration in Wisconsin: Recent and Projected

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* We acknowledge the work of the Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue ( for the inspiration for this process and their work together with NETWORK, a Catholic social justice lobby, ( for the profiles

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