Links for Discussion

Here is a list of the links to video and audio clips and texts suggested as discussion starters in the Center for Courage and Renewal’s Healing Democracy Action Circles Guide.

Before deciding which of the video or audio clips to use during your sessions, think about whether you will have the equipment needed in the location where you will be meeting (high-speed wireless connection, projector and screen or a display or television screen that is large enough for comfortable viewing by all participants, etc.).

Videos that can be downloaded onto a computer and played offline are noted below, but otherwise be sure that your connection speed is fast enough for smooth viewing.

Instead of using the video or audio during the session, you could have participants view or listen to the clips on their own beforehand.  (They can type the URL into their browser, click on the links in the electronic version of the Action Circles Guide, or click on the links on this page – refer them to .)

Session 1

p. 6

Short video about the first habit:

p. 7:

Author Steven Johnson discusses Where Good Ideas Come From:  (4:07)

“Wandering Around the Albuquerque Airport” by Naomi Shihab Nye:

Social Entrepreneur Jacqueline Novogratz talks about the central story in her book, The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World:  (2:45)

Session 2

p. 9:

Short video about a book called The Other Wes Moore:

 p. 10

Spike Jonze, a filmmaker, Presents: Lil Buck, a b-boy, and Yo-Yo Ma, a classical musician  (3:46)

Unlikely friends in an elephant sanctuary:  (2:44)

Phyllis Rodriguez and Aicha el-Wafi forged a friendship despite unthinkable loss:  (9:54) [Downloadable]

Session 3

p. 12

This American Life episode on fatherhood called “Bring Your Child to Work Detail”:

Suheir Hammad’s poem and video, “On Egypt:”  (3:00)

“Impermanence: Embracing Change,” a video installation that explores the temporal nature of life:  (2:41)

Janice Wilberg’s essay “Fury Cannot Touch Me”:

Session 4

p. 15

Music video by Sarah McLachlan for her song, World on Fire:

Morley singing “Women of Hope”:  (4:24)

Improv Everywhere’s “Say Something Nice” project in action:  (3:07)

A trailer for a documentary called, “A Small Act”:  (3:51) [Downloadable]

Session 5

p. 18

Marge Piercy’s poem “The Seven of Pentacles”:

“The People’s Professor,” Utne Reader:

“The Conversation Exchange,” a project of the Secret Society for Creative Philanthropy:  (6:24)

Mapping Main Street Project, a collaborative documentary:  (1:45)

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