Hunger Bulletin Inserts

September is Hunger Awareness Month — educate your church members about hunger in Wisconsin and what we must do to fight it!

As followers of Jesus, who had compassion on the hungry crowd and made sure that they were fed, physically as well as spiritually – we are called to care for our hungry neighbors. In Wisconsin, 247,000 households experience hunger or are at risk of hunger. What can be done?

Food pantries and free meals can help, but our nation’s most powerful tool for fighting hunger is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, called FoodShare in Wisconsin). SNAP helps 700,000 Wisconsinites meet their nutritional needs, and it must be kept strong and effective. Right now, Congress is debating the Farm Bill, which provides funding and sets the rules for SNAP. Many proposed changes would hurt children, seniors, veterans, working families, and others who struggle to get enough to eat.

The insert includes short bible passages and a question for reflection, and briefly explains:

  • How many Wisconsin households experience hunger
  • What SNAP is and what the Farm Bill means for SNAP
  • How individuals can help their hungry neighbors by speaking up for SNAP

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